Friday, May 01, 2015

10 Thoughts I had watching my son's birth.

With my son Taiga, about 5 minutes after his delivery.
So recently, (April 12th, 2015), I had the exhalted pleasure of welcoming my son, Taiga (大我)into the world. He was kind enough to arrive healthy and strong on exactly his due date, and all things considered, he arrived relatively smoothly. (At least from my perspective- after 18 hours of serious pain, my wife might would argue otherwise).

In any event, as this was also my first opportunity to observe a live childbirth,  I thought this might also be an interesting opportunity to share my thoughts on the process with other fathers to be.

Here are the top ten (private) thoughts I had during the process.

During the first few hours of labor

10. Damn, the Wifey's a beast. Don't know how she hasn't passed out yet. RESPECT.

(While she's yelling in pain)
9. I wonder if everyone else on the this floor of the hospital can hear this.

(After asking her a simple question).
8. Woah, quick temper. I better chose my words carefully for the next few hours.

7. Schadenfreude.

Once Delivery Began

6. WTF???!!! This sh*t is crazy!!

5. Jesus, that's a lot of blood.

4. Yep. I totally understand why a lot of dudes pass out when they watch this sh*t.

3. Yep. I totally see how this process could kill someone.

2. It looks like her sh*t is trying to cough up a giant hairball.

After delivery when seeing my son for the first time. 

(Teary eyed).
1. That wrinkly little bloody mess is simply the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


Lindsey An said...

Hi Chuck!
I rarely get a chance to catch up and read stuff on your blog. I just happened upon this article because I was thinking to myself "I wonder if Chuck has started a family yet!" I'm so happy for you and Mari! That's wonderful that you have a son now:) I think being a parent is an amazing thing, and it's great that you are part of the club now! I'm glad that your wife had a good labor and delivery. That part is always so anxiety-filled, especially for first-time mothers. I wish I could have given birth naturally, and I tried so incredibly hard for several hours to push Elliot out, but he just couldn't/wouldn't come out that way. I finally had to have a c-sectioin, which is no woman's ideal, but I've made peace with it. It resulted in a healthy, beautiful baby after hours of trying harder to do something (naturally have the baby) than anything I've ever tried to do, so I didn't protest very hard when I was told that I had to have the c-section. It's funny to read your thoughts on the delivery from a first-time dad's perspective! I'm glad you weren't terrified (based on your thoughts you wrote about). I think Inhwan was concerned because my experience took so long, and then he was terrified when the doctor unexpectedly said that I had to go into surgery (he actually told the doctor "No!" LOL). He was so great and supportive through the entire day of labor (started with a 6am induction and ended at 7:12pm when E was born), and he was strong the whole time, and in return I never snapped at him or anyone else (my mom was also present for my labor) or screamed profanities, even after my epidural failed to work properly (I'm a rock star, apparently!). I'm not sure how delivery is handled in Japan, but I imagine that it's an "interesting" experience no matter where you are in the world! I hope you're enjoying every minute of your time as a father!

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